Christine McHugh

Chief Strategy Officer, Kinetic Sports Rehab

In early 2017, Christine made a dramatic midlife career transition when she left Starbucks Coffee after over 27 years to join a small start up.  During her tenure with Starbucks, she rose through the ranks from a part time Barista to Vice President, reinventing herself at each transformational stage of the company while still staying true to her core.  Now, as the Chief Strategy Officer at Kinetic Sports Rehab, she is pursuing her dream of helping others in an industry that aligns with her passions – wellbeing, health and fitness.

Christine’s aspirations for growth and reinvention have extended beyond work.  She took a yearlong sabbatical from Starbucks to travel around the world at age 30, went back to school to finish her Bachelor’s degree while working as a full time executive and mom at age 40, and, in 2016, she ran the NYC Marathon, raising over $9,000 for the American Heart Association in honor of her cousin and aunt.

As an authentic and genuine storyteller, Christine inspires audiences that anything is possible when you put your intentions out there.  Learn how she has overcome obstacles and navigated significant life and works shifts while achieving a values based balance in her work and personal life.

When she’s not working, you will find her running with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group or exploring the great outdoors with her husband, 14-year old son and two yellow labs.